İngilis dilində ən çox işlənilən sözlərin tərcüməsi və nümunə cümlələr:

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1. wouldar, ər/acaqdı, əcəkdiWould you like some tea?
2. sidetərəfiI prefer to sit on this side of the room.
3. atda, dəI will meet you at the park at 3 pm.
4. whennə vaxtWhen is your birthday?
5. endsonAll good things must come to an end
6. ifəgərIf it rains, we will stay inside.
7. careqayğıTaking care of your health should always be a top priority.
8. littleazLittle things can often make a big difference.
9. nationalmilliThe national anthem is played before the start of every game.
10. himselfözüHe did it all by himself, without any help from us.
11. mostən çoxMost people enjoy spending time with their loved ones.
12. thanktəşəkkür edirəmThank you is a simple but powerful expression of gratitude.
13. powergücThe power went out during the storm.
14. explainizah edinHope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul.
15. sitoturmaqI like to sit on the porch and watch the sunset.
16. thinkdüşünI think you should take a break.
17. blackqaraI am wearing a black shirt today.
18. majorəsasMy major in college was psychology.
19. threeüçThere are three cats sleeping on the couch.
20. smallkiçikThe shop sells small gifts and souvenirs.
21. partytərəfLet's have a party to celebrate your birthday.
22. aqeyri-müəyyənlik artiklıA cat is sleeping on the couch.
23. roleroluHer role in the company is to oversee the marketing department.
24. deathölümDeath is a natural part of the cycle of life.
25. underaltındaThe cat is hiding under the bed.
26. providetəmin etməkProvide me with the information you have.
27. untilqədərI'll wait here until you're finished.
28. elsebaşqaWhat else can I do to help?
29. onüstündə, haqqındaThe book is on the table.
30. onebiriOne day, I hope to travel the world.
31. notdeyilI do not like to eat spicy food.
32. movehərəkət etməkThe cat loves to move around and explore new places.
33. economiciqtisadiEconomic growth is crucial for the country's prosperity.
34. needehtiyacI need your help with this project.
35. sheoShe is a talented singer.
36. roadyolThe road was too long.
37. duringzamanıI always feel sleepy during long lectures.
38. federalfederalThe federal government is responsible for national security.
39. nothingheç nəThere is nothing left to eat in the fridge.
40. coursekursI'm taking a course on computer programming this semester.
41. socialsosialSocial media can be a great way to connect with friends and family.
42. moredaha çoxMore people are coming to the party.
43. agoəvvəllərI saw my best friend a week ago at the mall.
44. beolmaqTo be or not to be, that is the question.
45. healthsağlamlıqEating healthy is important for maintaining good health.
46. interestmaraqI have a strong interest in learning new languages.
47. whiteThe snow is so white and fluffy.
48. houseevWe just moved into a new house.
49. keepsaxlamaqI keep my room clean and organized.
50. leastən azıThe least I can do is help you with your work.
51. musicmusiqiListening to music helps me relax.
52. latersonradanI will see you later at the movie theater.
53. thoseolanlarThose are my favorite shoes.
54. writeyazmaqI like to write short stories in my free time.
55. setdəstiI need to set my alarm for 7 am tomorrow.
56. littleazI need a little help with this project.
57. askimi, olaraqAs an artist, he is very creative.
58. thereoradaThere is a beautiful view from up there.
59. fourdördThere are four seasons in a year.
60. ownsahibiI want to have my own business one day.
61. mightola bilərHe might come to the party if he finishes work early.
62. theyonlarThey are going on a trip to Europe.
63. enoughyetərI've had enough of this nonsense.
64. militaryhərbiMany young people join the military to serve their country.
65. anotherbaşqaAnother day, another chance to make a difference.
66. oftentez-tezI often go to the gym in the morning.
67. amongarasındaAmong the many options, I chose the best one.
68. anythingnəsəI am willing to do anything to make you happy.
69. themonlarıI gave them the gift yesterday.
70. effecttəsiriThe effect of climate change is becoming more apparent every year.
71. timevaxtI don't have enough time to finish my project.
72. hoursaatWe will meet in an hour.
73. canbacarmaqCan you pass me the salt, please?
74. wordsözThe word "love" has many meanings.
75. beginbaşlamaqLet's begin the meeting with a quick overview.
76. girlqızThe girl in the red dress is my sister.
77. truedoğruHis love for her was true and pure.
78. gogetməkLet's go for a walk in the park.
79. workişləməkI need to finish my work before the deadline.
80. publicictimaiThe event will be made public next week.
81. anyhər hansıI don't have any money to buy food.
82. standdurmaqI will stand by my decision.
83. meannəzərdə tutmaqI mean that we can go together.
84. howNecəHow are you feeling today?
85. developmentinkişafThe development of new technology has revolutionized many industries.
86. artincəsənətI enjoy going to museums to appreciate different forms of art.
87. sixaltıWe'll be meeting at six o'clock sharp.
88. muchçoxI don't have much time left before the deadline.
89. daygünToday is a beautiful day to go hiking.
90. seemgörünürShe seems very interested in learning Spanish.
91. footayaqMy foot hurts from standing all day at work
92. hardçətinLearning a new language can be hard at first, but it gets easier with practice.
93. bodybədənExercise is good for your body and mind.
94. oryoxsa, və yaWould you like coffee or tea?
95. maybilərMay I use your pen for a moment?
96. becomeolmaqWith hard work and dedication, you can become anything you want.
97. todaybu günToday is a beautiful day to go for a picnic.
98. issueproblemThe issue at hand is very complex.
99. breakfasiləHe needed to take a break and rest for a while.
100. includingdaxil olmaqlaThe price includes shipping and handling.
101. thatkiThat is a beautiful flower.
102. justsadəcəI just finished my homework.
103. maybeola bilərMaybe we'll go to the beach tomorrow.
104. ratedərəcəsiThe success rate of the treatment is high.
105. AmericanAmerikaI am learning American English as my second language.
106. alongboyuncaShe walked along the beach, enjoying the beautiful scenery.
107. iniçindəIn my opinion, pizza is the best food.
108. themselvesözləriThey need to take care of themselves before taking care of others.
109. talkdanışmaqLet's talk about our plans for the weekend.
110. systemsistemiOur solar system includes eight planets.
111. lifehəyatLife is full of surprises.
112. whokimWho is coming to the party tonight?
113. drugdərmanThe drug has been proven to be effective in treating the disease.
114. everheçHave you ever been to Europe?
115. yoursəninYour hair looks beautiful today.
116. nationMillətThe nation is facing some tough challenges right now.
117. longuzunI have been waiting for a long time
118. fieldsahəThe field of medicine is constantly evolving.
119. iniçindəThe book is in the library.
120. likekimiI like to read books and listen to music in my free time.
121. homeevI love spending time at home with my family.
122. offoffPlease turn off the lights when you leave the room.
123. yesbəliYes, I would like some more water.
124. oncebir dəfəOnce I won 1000 manats from a lottery.
125. runqaçmaqHe likes to run every morning for exercise.
126. nowİndiI am busy right now.
127. groupqrupOur group project is due next week.
128. businessBiznesStarting a business can be challenging.
129. nameadıWhat is your name?
130. whichhansıWhich book do you want to read?
131. decideqərar verinIt's up to you to decide which path to take.
132. bestən yaxşısıMy mom's spaghetti is the best meal I've ever had.
133. faceüzShe had a big smile on her face.
134. offoffPlease turn off the lights when you leave the room.
135. airhavaThe air outside feels fresh and crisp.
136. shouldolmalıdırYou should eat more fruits and vegetables.
137. someonekimsəSomeone left their backpack in the hallway.
138. playoynamaqplay - We used to play together when we were kids.
139. eachhər biriEach student was given a different task to complete.
140. askimiAs a teacher, I enjoy helping my students learn.
141. stronggüclüShe has a strong personality and can handle anything that comes her way.
142. althoughbaxmayaraqAlthough it was raining, we still went for a hike.
143. companyşirkətiI work for a software company in the city.
144. gameoyunuI like to play board games with my family.
145. lovesevgiShe fell in love with him at first sight.
146. educationtəhsilEducation is the key to unlocking a better future.
147. sensemənadaIt doesn't make sense to spend money on something you don't need.
148. sometimesbəzənSometimes, it's better to ask for help than to struggle alone.
149. aroundətrafındaWe walked around the park for an hour.
150. ourbizimOur family loves to go on road trips.
151. aftersonraAfter the meeting, we can discuss the next steps.
152. informationməlumatI need more information about the job before I can apply.
153. yeahbəliYeah, I think I understand what you're saying.
154. happenbaş verirI don't know what will happen tomorrow.
155. decisionqərarHe is the proud father of a son and a daughter.
156. butammaI like coffee, but I prefer tea.
157. bringgətirDon't forget to bring your camera to the party.
158. speakdanışmaqI can speak Spanish and English fluently.
159. forcegücThe force of the wind knocked over the tree.
160. storyhekayəThe book has a great story with
161. bookkitabI borrowed a book from the library.
162. lowaşağıThe price of the item is low compared to its quality.
163. upyuxarıThe elevator is going up to the top floor.
164. findtapmaqI can't find my phone anywhere.
165. resultnəticəThe result of the experiment was surprising.
166. studyöyrənməkI need to study for my exams.
167. bothhər ikisiBoth of my parents are retired.
168. MrCənabMr - Mr. Smith is my neighbor and a retired teacher.
169. motheranaMy mother is a great cook and makes the best pancakes.
170. becauseçünkiBecause of the rain, the match was canceled.
171. changedəyişməkChange is an inevitable part of life.
172. teachermüəllimThe teacher is explaining a difficult concept to the students.
173. todək/a,əI want to go to the beach.
174. questionsualCan I ask you a question about the homework?
175. killöldürməkKilling animals for sport is cruel and unnecessary.
176. countryölkəI love visiting new countries and experiencing new cultures.
177. fromdan, dənI am from Canada.
178. payödəməkI need to pay my bills today.
179. homeevThere's no place like home.
180. whetherolsunI am not sure whether it will rain tomorrow or not.
181. bothhər ikisiBoth my parents are retired and enjoying their golden years.
182. IMənI love to read books.
183. workişləməkWork hard and you will achieve your goals.
184. collegekollecShe was accepted a college near their home.
185. showşouHe hosted a TV show and became a famous leader in the entertainment industry.
186. webizWe are going to the movies tonight.
187. governmenthökumətgovernment - The government provides many public services.
188. fulldoluThe glass was full to the brim with water.
189. easyasanLearning a new language can be easy with practice.
190. deepdərinThe deep ocean floor remains largely unexplored.
191. otherdigərləriThe other day, I ran into an old friend.
192. preparehazırlamaqI need to prepare for my upcoming exam.
193. opportunityfürsətThis is a great opportunity for us to learn something new.
194. laughgülməkHis joke made me laugh out loud.
195. topüstThe view from the top of the mountain was breathtaking.
196. environmentmühitIt's important to protect the environment for future generations.
197. recentyaxınlardaThe recent weather has been unpredictable.
198. upyuxarıPlease get up early tomorrow.
199. thandaha çoxI like tea more than coffee.
200. earlyerkənI woke up early to beat the rush hour traffic.
201. showşouThe museum has a new show on display this week.
202. overüzərindəThe sun is setting over the mountains.
203. thingşeyThat thing on the table is a vase.
204. holdtutunPlease hold my bag while I tie my shoe.
205. continuedavam edinLet's continue our conversation after lunch.
206. allhamısıI have read all the books in the series.
207. parentvalideynMy parent is always there for me when I need them.
208. marketbazarThe stock market can be unpredictable.
209. lawqanunIt's important to follow the law.
210. understandbaşa düşməkI don't understand how to solve this math problem.
211. servicexidmətThe customer service at this store is excellent.
212. controlnəzarətWe need to control our emotions in difficult situations.
213. whatWhat is your favorite color?
214. experiencetəcrübəTraveling is a great way to gain new experiences.
215. youngcavanThe young child played in the park.
216. startbaşlamaqI always start my day with a cup of coffee.
217. warmüharibəThe war had a significant impact on the country's economy.
218. reachçatmaqI'm determined to reach my goals no matter what.
219. tooI ate too much candy and now I feel sick.
220. mustolmalıdırI must study hard to pass the exam.
221. passkeçməkI passed my driving test on the first try.
222. leaderliderHe was one of the greatest leaders in our modern history.
223. leaveburaxmaqPlease leave your shoes at the door.
224. problemproblemThe math problem was a difficult problem to solve.
225. ideafikirI have an idea for a new invention.
226. ageyaşAge is just a number.
227. thoughbaxmayaraqThough he was tired, he continued to work.
228. historytarixiLearning about history can be both informative and fascinating.
229. thesebunlarThese cookies taste delicious.
230. stillyenə dəEven though it's late, I'm still wide awake.
231. ohohOh, I didn't realize you were talking to me.
232. giveverməkGive me the ball, please.
233. neverheç vaxtNever give up on your dreams.
234. heo (kişilər üçün)He is a good basketball player.
235. minutedəqiqəI will be there in just a minute.
236. allowicazə verməkThe teacher will allow us to use calculators for the exam.
237. lightişıqThe light in the room was dim, but it created a cozy atmosphere.
238. sobelə kiThe weather is so beautiful today.
239. casedavaIn case of emergency, call 911.
240. relationshipmünasibətlərShe carried a heavy backpack on her shoulders.
241. andI like to drink tea and eat biscuits.
242. growböyüməkPlants need water and sunlight to grow.
243. whyniyəWhy did you leave the party early?
244. cutkəsməkThe barber will cut your hair for you.
245. headbaşMy head hurts.
246. thisbuThis is my favorite song.
247. turndönməkIt's your turn to speak in front of the class.
248. internationalbeynəlxalqInternational trade is an important part of the global economy.
249. readoxumaqReading books is a great way to relax.
250. rightsağYou are right, I made a mistake.
251. waitGözləməkPlease wait here until your name is called.
252. tellsöyləPlease tell me what time it is.
253. levelsəviyyəThe difficulty level of this game is high.
254. schoolməktəbI learned many important lessons in school.
255. againstəleyhinəThe team played against a tough opponent in the championship game.
256. realrealThe flowers in the garden are real and not fake.
257. aroundətrafındaThe cat likes to walk around the house.
258. letqoyLet me know if you need any help with your homework.
259. winqazanmaqWe worked hard and managed to win the game.
260. wellyaxşıI slept well last night.
261. feelhiss etməkI don't feel well today.
262. linexəttiPlease stand in line and wait for your turn.
263. directordirektorThe director was pleased with the final cut of the movie.
264. endsonThe movie will come to an end soon.
265. matterməsələIt doesn't matter which route we take, we'll still get there.
266. culturalmədəniCultural differences can lead to misunderstandings.
267. closeyaxınPlease close the door behind you.
268. bitbitThe cake recipe requires a bit of vanilla extract.
269. whatevernəysəWhatever you do, always do your best.
270. checkyoxlamaqPlease check the information before you share it.
271. myselfözümI need to focus on myself and my goals.
272. CongressKonqresCongress is debating a new bill.
273. establishqurmaqHe worked hard to establish his reputation in the field.
274. electionseçkiThe election results were announced this morning.
275. dataməlumatlarıThe data collected shows a clear pattern.
276. legalqanuniThe legal team advised against pursuing the case.
277. improveyaxşılaşdırmaqShe worked hard to improve her grades.
278. forgetunutmaqDon't forget to pick up your keys before you leave.
279. comparemüqayisə etLet's compare the prices before we buy anything.
280. yourselfözünüzTake care of yourself, both physically and mentally.
281. insteadəvəzinəInstead of taking the bus, I decided to walk to the office.
282. prettyyaraşıqlıShe looks pretty in that dress.
283. benefitfaydaThe benefit of this program is that it's free.
284. westqərbThe sun sets in the west.
285. organizationtəşkilatThe organization is focused on helping people.
286. visitziyarətI'm going to visit my grandparents next week.
287. similaroxşarThe two paintings were similar in style.
288. widegenişThe wide river flowed peacefully into the ocean.
289. generalümumiThe general consensus was that the plan needed to be revised.
290. naturetəbiətNature is full of wonders.
291. becauseçünkiI couldn't go to the party because I was feeling sick.
292. glassşüşəHe accidentally broke a glass in the kitchen.
293. mediamediaThe media has a great impact on society.
294. noyoxNo, I haven't seen that movie yet.
295. groundtorpaqThe ball bounced on the ground and rolled away.
296. topüstThe mountain top offered a breathtaking view of the surroundings.
297. productionistehsalThe production of the new movie took months to complete.
298. throughoutboyuncaThe decorations were consistent throughout the party venue.
299. detaildetalPay attention to every detail to ensure accuracy.
300. anyonehər kəsAnyone can learn a new skill with dedication and practice.
301. fightmübarizəWe need to fight for our rights and stand up against injustice.
302. conferencekonfransThe conference was attended by experts from various fields.
303. situationvəziyyətThe situation is getting out of control.
304. centerMərkəzThe community center offers a variety of programs and services.
305. availablemövcuddurThe job position is available for anyone who is interested.
306. callzəng edinI need to make a phone call before the office closes.
307. littleazEven a little progress is better than none at all.
308. pressuretəzyiqThe pressure to perform well can be overwhelming.
309. dealsövdələşməLet's make a deal that benefits both of us.
310. riseqalxmaqThe sun will rise in the east tomorrow.
311. methodmetoduThe method used in the experiment was innovative and effective.
312. perioddövrüThe period at the end of the sentence signifies the end of a thought.
313. formformaPlease fill out this form and return it to me.
314. shortqısaThe meeting will be short, so we should get to the point.
315. indeedhəqiqətənIndeed, it was a challenging task.
316. forwardirəliLet's move forward with this plan.
317. clearaydınThe instructions were clear and easy to practice.
318. bloodqanThe nurse drew blood for testing.
319. growthböyüməThe company has experienced significant growth in recent years.
320. noyoxNo one likes to feel excluded.
321. candidatenamizədThe candidate presented a strong argument during the debate.
322. thusbeləlikləThus, we can conclude that the experiment was successful.
323. beyondkənardaThe view from the top of the mountain was beyond words.
324. individualfərdiEach individual has their own unique perspective.
325. eachhər biriEach person has their own perspective.
326. handəlShe held the book in her hand and started reading.
327. buildqurmaqThe company is planning to build a new headquarters.
328. yearilI graduated from college last year.
329. whilearkən, sə(m)dəWhile I was sleeping, my phone rang.
330. firstəvvəlcəFirst, let me finish my homework.
331. quiteolduqcaShe was quite happy with her new job.
332. basebazaThe base of the lamp is made of brass.
333. lawyerhüquqşünasHe hired a lawyer to represent him in court.
334. forcegücSometimes you need to use force to get your point across.
335. storemağazaI bought this shirt at the store down the street.
336. movementhərəkatThe civil rights movement brought about change.
337. televisionteleviziyaLet's watch a movie on television tonight.
338. environmentalətraf mühitEnvironmental protection is a pressing issue.
339. middleortaHe stood in the middle of the room, unsure of what to do next.
340. causesəbəbPollution is a major cause of climate change.
341. rockqayaThe rock was too heavy to lift.
342. wrongsəhvIt's wrong to judge someone based on their appearance.
343. determinemüəyyənləşdirinWe need to determine the cause of the problem.
344. onebiriOne day, I hope to travel the world.
345. listsiyahısıI need to make a grocery list for the weekend.
346. billfakturaCan you please pay the bill?
347. wellyaxşıI feel well after getting a good night's sleep.
348. stockfondThe stock market was very volatile today.
349. treatmüalicə etməkTreat yourself to a spa day to relax and unwind.
350. sportidmanPlaying sports is a great way to stay fit and healthy.
351. indicategöstərirThe results indicate that there is a correlation between the two variables.
352. testtestThe test was more difficult than I expected.
353. professorprofessorThe professor gave a fascinating lecture on ancient history.
354. babybalaThe baby is sleeping peacefully.
355. redqırmızıThe red dress looks great on you.
356. resourceresursWe need to use our resources wisely.
357. increaseartırmaqWe need to increase our efforts to achieve our goals.
358. doctorhəkimShe went to see the doctor for a check-up.
359. challengemeydanClimbing Mount Everest was a great challenge for him.
360. finegözəlThe painting has fine details.
361. sevenyeddiI have seven siblings.
362. discussmüzakirə etməkLet's discuss this issue and find a solution.
363. answercavabCan you give me an answer to this question?
364. letterməktubI received a letter from my friend yesterday.
365. animalheyvanThe animal kingdom is vast and diverse.
366. eitherya daYou can either take the bus or walk to the station.
367. husbandərMy husband is a doctor.
368. seekaxtarmaqI am seeking new opportunities to enhance my skills.
369. hairsaçShe has beautiful long hair.
370. closeyaxınThe store will close in 10 minutes.
371. recentlybu yaxınlardaI recently visited Paris for the first time.
372. behaviordavranışThe child's behavior needs to be corrected.
373. imaginetəsəvvür edinImagine what the future could be like.
374. perbaşınaThe price per unit is reasonable.
375. TVTVThe TV in the living room needs to be fixed.
376. northşimalNorth is the opposite direction of South.
377. foreignxariciLearning a foreign language can be challenging.
378. acceptqəbul edinIt's important to accept people for who they are.
379. regionbölgəThis region is known for its beautiful scenery.
380. radioradioI listen to the radio in the car.
381. impacttəsirThe impact of climate change is becoming more apparent.
382. nicegözəlShe gave me a nice compliment on my outfit.
383. hospitalxəstəxanaThey took him a hospital.
384. ontoüzərinəThe cat jumped onto the couch.
385. futuregələcəkThe future is uncertain but we can always prepare for it.
386. sexcinsiThe topic of sex education is often controversial.
387. significantmənalıThe discovery was significant to the research.
388. enoughyetərI have enough food for the party.
389. suddenlybirdənSuddenly, the lights went out, and we were left in the dark.
390. starulduzThe movie star was surrounded by fans.
391. describetəsvir etməkPlease describe the person you saw in detail.
392. moviefilmThe movie we watched last night was very entertaining.
393. particularlyxüsusiləI particularly enjoy listening to classical music.
394. happyxoşbəxtI'm so happy to see you!
395. realizedərk etməkIt took me a while to realize that I had made a mistake.
396. throwatmaqI can throw a ball further than my friend.
397. mainanaThe main course for dinner is steak.
398. nearyaxınlığındaThe hotel is near the beach.
399. readyhazırdırI am ready to start working on the project.
400. medicaltibbiThe medical staff at the hospital are working hard to save lives.
401. industrysənayeThe tech industry is constantly evolving.
402. noteQeydI made a note to remind myself of the meeting.
403. hotistiThe soup was too hot to eat.
404. halfyarımI ate half of the pizza for lunch.
405. greenyaşılThe grass is green after the rain.
406. directionistiqamətWhich direction should we take?
407. shoulderçiyinI leaned on my friend's shoulder for support.
408. artistrəssamThe artist painted a beautiful portrait.
409. itselfözüThe car can drive itself using advanced technology.
410. energyenerjiRenewable energy is the way of the future.
411. tripsəyahətThe road trip was filled with adventure and excitement.
412. cardkartI need to buy a new SD card for my camera.
413. propertyəmlakThe property was spacious and had a large garden.
414. likelyehtimal kiIt's likely that it will rain tomorrow.
415. scenesəhnəThe crime scene was under investigation.
416. physicalfizikiRegular physical exercise is important for good health.
417. feelinghissiI have a strange feeling about this.
418. sisterbacıMy sister and I are very close.
419. pagesəhifəPlease turn to page 50 in your textbook.
420. failuğursuzHe didn't want to fail the exam.
421. cellhücrəThe cell phone has become a necessity in modern life.
422. operationəməliyyatThe operation was successful.
423. poorkasıbThe poor man couldn't afford to buy food.
424. drawçəkməkCan you draw me a picture?
425. dealsövdələşməThey made a deal to split the profits evenly.
426. hangasmaqHe decided to hang up his coat and stay awhile.
427. wearköhnəlməkI always wear a hat to protect my head from the sun.
428. pointnöqtəCan you point me in the right direction?
429. analysisanalizThe analysis showed that there were several factors at play.
430. democraticdemokratikA democratic government is accountable to its citizens.
431. productməhsulThe product is environmentally friendly.
432. oilyağOil prices have been fluctuating a lot lately.
433. usuallyadətənUsually, I take the bus to work.
434. guesstapmaqI don't know the answer, so I'll just guess.
435. careqayğıYou should take care of your health.
436. thoughtdüşündüI had a thought about a new business idea.
437. variousmüxtəlifThere are various ways to approach this problem.
438. joinqoşulmaqI would love for you to join me for dinner tonight.
439. dropdamcıDon't drop that fragile vase!
440. paperkağızI need to print this document on paper.
441. traditionalənənəviSome people still adhere to traditional values.
442. culturemədəniyyətDifferent cultures have different traditions.
443. examplenümunəLet me give you an example to illustrate my point.
444. willedəcəkI will meet you at the restaurant at 6 pm.
445. programproqramıI'm enrolling in a programming course next month.
446. onlyyalnızOnly a few people showed up at the party.
447. studenttələbəAs a student, I have to study hard.
448. bigböyükThe big dog chased after the squirrel.
449. allhamısıAll my friends are invited to my birthday party.
450. followtəqib edinPlease follow the instructions carefully.
451. placeyerWe need to find a good place to have lunch.
452. positionmövqeThe new position offered a higher salary and more responsibility.
453. truthhəqiqətThe truth will set you free.
454. courtməhkəməThe court is now in session.
455. brotherqardaşıMy brother is my best friend.
456. exactlytam olaraqI exactly know what you mean.
457. thatkiThat was a great movie we saw last night.
458. faruzaqdaThe destination was far away and required a long journey.
459. AmericanAmerikaAmerican culture is diverse and rich.
460. chanceşansYou have a chance to make a difference.
461. executiveicraçıThe executive team is responsible for making important decisions.
462. crimecinayətThe crime rate in this city has decreased in recent years.
463. fearqorxuShe overcame her fear of public speaking with practice.
464. goalqolMy goal is to learn something new every day.
465. costdəyəriThe cost of living in this city is very high.
466. streetküçəThe street was filled with people and noise.
467. deadölüThe flowers were dead due to lack of water.
468. responsecavabHis response to the question was unexpected.
469. tablemasaLet's set the table for dinner.
470. amountməbləğiThe amount of sugar in this drink is too high.
471. termmüddətThe fall term starts in September.
472. economyiqtisadiyyatThe economy is slowly recovering from the pandemic.
473. articleməqaləI read an interesting article in the newspaper.
474. bedyataqI need to make my bed before leaving the house.
475. treatmentmüalicəThe treatment for the disease is still being researched.
476. personalşəxsiPersonal space is important for everyone.
477. soundsəsThe sound of the waves crashing on the shore was relaxing.
478. presentindikiShe gave a present to her friend for her birthday.
479. billionmilyardHe earned billions of dollars from his business.
480. herselfözüShe decided to take care of herself first.
481. finishbitirməkI need to finish my homework before bed.
482. darkqaranlıqThe room was too dark to see anything.
483. fishbalıqThe fish in the pond swam gracefully in the water.
484. restistirahətI need to rest after a long day at work.
485. boardlövhəI need to prepare a presentation for the board meeting.
486. sizeölçüsüThe size of the box is too big for this item.
487. chairstulSit comfortably on the chair while you work.
488. placeyerWe found a great place to eat downtown.
489. coldsoyuqIt's too cold outside to go for a walk.
490. writeryazıçıThe writer penned a best-selling novel.
491. earlyerkənI woke up early to catch the sunrise.
492. respondcavab verinI will respond to your email as soon as possible.
493. protectqorumaqWe need to protect the environment for future generations.
494. missdarıxmaqI miss my family when I'm away from home.
495. studyöyrənməkI need to study for my exam tomorrow.
496. mentionqeyd etməkMention your ideas during the meeting to contribute to the discussion.
497. signişarəsiPlease sign the document to confirm your agreement.
498. weaponsilahA knife can be used as a weapon.
499. quicklytezI need to finish this task quickly.
500. characterxarakteriA person's character is reflected in their actions.
501. specialxüsusiToday is a special day, let's celebrate!
502. centralmərkəziThe central theme of the story was love.
503. occurbaş verirAccidents can occur unexpectedly.
504. leftqalıbTurn left at the traffic signal.
505. particularxüsusiI have a particular interest in learning new languages.
506. piecehissəShe bought a piece of cake from the bakery.
507. everybodyhamıEverybody is invited to the party.
508. twoikiI have two cats and a dog.
509. ofaidiyyət əvəzliyiThe color of the sky is blue.
510. reporthesabatAccording to the weather forecast, it's going to rain tomorrow.
511. heareşitməkI can't hear you over the loud music.
512. secondikinciI'll be there in a second.
513. putqoyCan you put the book back on the shelf?
514. areasahəsiI live in a quiet area of the city.
515. servexidmət etməkThe waitress will serve us in a few minutes.
516. raiseyüksəltməkI'm trying to raise enough money to start my own business.
517. himOnaI gave him a book for his birthday.
518. millionmilyonThe lottery winner won millions of dollars.
519. useistifadə etməkI always try to use my time wisely.
520. abouthaqqındaThe article was about the importance of recycling.
521. morningsəhərI woke up early this morning to catch the sunrise.
522. localyerliLocal farmers are facing some tough challenges this year.
523. goodyaxşıGood job on finishing your project.
524. backgeriCan you please put the book back on the shelf?
525. guyoğlanThat guy over there looks like he needs help.
526. planplanI have a plan to improve my grades this semester.
527. faruzaqdaThe store is too far from my house.
528. perhapsbəlkəPerhaps we should reconsider our approach.
529. moredaha çoxMore exercise is necessary to stay healthy.
530. hereburadaHere is the key to the apartment.
531. watersuWater is essential for our survival.
532. finallynəhayətFinally, after years of hard work, he achieved his dream.
533. onebiriI would like to buy one ticket for the movie.
534. lastsonLast night, I had a dream about flying.
535. throughvasitəsiləThrough hard work, anything is possible.
536. priceqiymətThe price of the house is negotiable.
537. askimiAs a musician, I always strive for improvement.
538. spendsərf etməkI like to spend my weekends relaxing with a good book.
539. watchbaxınI like to watch movies on weekends.
540. havesahib olmaqI have a cat and a dog.
541. includedaxildirPlease include the vegetables in the salad.
542. thato, kiThat was a delicious meal.
543. weekhəftəI have a lot of work to do this week.
544. doetməkI need to do my laundry today.
545. receivealmaqShe received a standing ovation for her performance.
546. jobI am looking for a job in marketing.
547. createyaratmaqHe likes to create art in his free time.
548. onüstündə, da/dəI left my keys on the table.
549. reallyhəqiqətənI'm really excited for the upcoming concert.
550. differencefərqlilikThe difference between success and failure is determination.
551. thereoradaThere are many birds in the tree.
552. downaşağıI'm feeling a bit down today.
553. nextsonrakıNext week, I have a job interview.
554. intodaxilI will go into the store to buy some bread.
555. developinkişaf etməkOur country develops year by year.
556. everythinghər şeyShe has everything she needs for the trip.
557. backgeriHe looked back and saw his brother.
558. statedövlətThe state of the economy is a major concern.
559. howeverlakinHowever, we can still find a solution.
560. ablebacarırHe is able to run a mile in under 7 minutes.
561. returnqayıtmaqI want to return the book to the library before it's due.
562. requiretələb edirYou require a valid ID to enter the building.
563. familyailəFamily is the most important thing in my life.
564. heartürəkHe has a heart of gold and always helps those in need.
565. sonoğulEven the smallest contribution can make a big difference.
566. boyoğlanThe boy is playing with his toy.
567. appeargörünürThe sun appeared from behind the clouds.
568. comegəlCome and visit me soon.
569. meetgörüşməkLet's meet at the coffee shop.
570. betterdaha yaxşıYou'll feel better after a good night's sleep.
571. buildingbinaThe building was tall and imposing.
572. otherdigərləriI need to buy some other groceries too.
573. figurefiqurThe figure on the board represents the sales data.
574. awayuzaqdaI need to get away from the city for a while.
575. insideiçəriInside the house, it was warm and cozy.
576. performanceperformansThe actor's performance was exceptional.
577. privateözəlThe conversation was private and confidential.
578. worrynarahatDon't worry too much about things that are beyond your control.
579. affecttəsir edirThe weather can affect our moods and emotions.
580. removeçıxarınPlease remove your shoes before entering the house.
581. certainlyəlbətdəI certainly believe we can achieve our objectives.
582. churchkilsəI go to church every Sunday with my family.
583. knowledgebilikKnowledge is power.
584. evenhəttaI left my backpack in the car, I need to go back for it.
585. falldüşməkBe careful not to slip and fall on the ice.
586. abouthaqqındaTell me more about your trip.
587. trycəhd edinI will try my best to finish this task.
588. badpisI felt bad after the exam.
589. importantvacibdirIt's important to stay hydrated during exercise.
590. muchçoxI have too much homework to do tonight.
591. asksoruşI want to ask you something important.
592. rightsağAlways do the right thing, even if it's not the easiest.
593. liveyaşamaqShe lives in a small apartment in the city.
594. mymənimMy cat is sleeping on the couch.
595. humaninsanWe are all human and make mistakes.
596. whereharadaDo you know where the nearest restroom is?
597. makeetməkI want to make a cake for my friend's birthday.
598. rightsağYou are right about that.
599. valuedəyəriThe value of education cannot be overstated.
600. saydeməkCan you please say that again?
601. leadqurğuşunThe manager will lead the meeting this afternoon.
602. sendgöndərI'll send you an email with the details.
603. cityşəhərI live in a big city with tall buildings.
604. voicesəsHer voice was so sweet and melodious that everyone stopped to listen.
605. fewazThere are only a few days left until the deadline.
606. kindmehribanShe has a kind heart.
607. callzəng edinCall me when you get home safely.
608. formerkeçmişThe former president was impeached for his actions.
609. betweenarasındaThe park is located between the two buildings.
610. wayyolThe way he speaks is very eloquent.
611. mindağılClear your mind and focus on the present moment.
612. hisonunHis car is parked in the garage.
613. manadamThe man next to me is reading a book.
614. forüçün, görəI bought a gift for my friend's birthday.
615. heronunEven though it's raining, I'm still going out.
616. communityicmaOur community is hosting a charity event next week.
617. considerdüşünməkWe need to consider all options before making a decision.
618. outçöldəI want to go out for dinner tonight.
619. researchtədqiqatResearch is important for advancing our understanding of the world.
620. yethələI haven't finished my work yet.
621. rememberyadda saxlaI can't remember where I put my keys.
622. couldbilərdiCould you please pass me the salt?
623. somebəziI would like some more water, please.
624. monthayMy birthday is in one month.
625. sincebəriSince I started exercising, I feel much better.
626. sureəminAre you sure that's the right way to do it?
627. pointnöqtəCan you please explain the main point of the lecture?
628. theironlarınTheir house is painted blue.
629. betterdaha yaxşıShe felt better after taking a hot shower.
630. whereharadaWhere did you find that amazing book?
631. processprosesThe application process is quite simple.
632. evenhəttaHe even didn't say thank you.
633. openaçıqPlease open the window, it's getting stuffy in here.
634. lategecI'm running a bit late, can we reschedule?
635. themüəyyənlik artiklıThe sun is shining brightly today.
636. worlddünyaThe world is full of wonder and diversity.
637. peopleXalqPeople from all over the world come to visit this city.
638. classsinifMy favorite class in college was philosophy.
639. withiləI like to eat pizza with my friends.
640. takegötürməkPlease take your shoes off before entering the house.
641. reporthesabatThe report indicates that there has been a significant increase in sales.
642. frienddostMy best friend always has my back.
643. kiduşaqMy little sister is a very active kid.
644. towarddoğruShe walked toward the door.
645. especiallyxüsusiləI especially love spending time with my family on the weekends.
646. firmmöhkəmThe firm's profits have increased this year.
647. officialrəsmiThe official announcement will be made tomorrow.
648. coursekursI am taking a course in computer science.
649. camerakameraUse the camera to capture the beautiful scenery.
650. specificspesifikThe instructions were specific and easy to follow.
651. hugeböyükThe elephant was huge.
652. southcənubI traveled down south for vacation last year.
653. spaceboşluqThere's not enough space in this room for all of us.
654. sortnövCan you sort these papers by date?
655. probablyyəqin kiIt will probably rain later today.
656. veryçoxShe is a very kind-hearted person.
657. offertəklifThe company made me an offer I couldn't refuse.
658. hopeümidThe city is constantly developing and expanding.
659. alreadyartıqHave you already finished your homework?
660. possiblemümkünWith hard work and dedication, anything is possible.
661. childuşaqThe child is playing in the park.
662. stopdayanStop running, you will get tired.
663. behindarxadaI left my phone behind on the bus.
664. carryaparmaqThe town was quiet and peaceful, with friendly people.
665. drivesürməkI will drive my father's car next year.
666. believeinanmaqI believe in the power of positive thinking.
667. accordinggörəShe tried to explain her point of view, but he didn't understand.
668. oldköhnəMy grandparents are old but still active.
669. memberüzvüHe is a member of the board of directors.
670. togetherbirlikdəLet's do this project together as a team.
671. buyalmaqI need to buy some groceries after work.
672. momentanI will cherish this moment forever.
673. fatherataMy father is my role model.
674. getalmaqI need to get some groceries from the store.
675. factfaktIt is a fact that the earth revolves around the sun.
676. sellsatmaqI need to sell my old car before I can buy a new one.
677. addəlavə etməkCan you please add sugar to the coffee?
678. bytərəfindən, yanında, dan/dən əvvəlThe book was written by J.K. Rowling.
679. personşəxsThat person over there looks familiar.
680. townqəsəbəThe winding road led us to a beautiful countryside village.
681. memenimCan you give me a ride home?
682. policysiyasətiThe company has a strict policy on tardiness.
683. overüzərindəThe plane flew over the mountains and into the valley.
684. acrossarasındaWe walked across the bridge to get to the other side.
685. mostən çoxThe cat is most active in the evening.
686. beforeəvvəlI always brush my teeth before going to bed.
687. whennə vaxtWhen I was younger, I loved playing with dolls.
688. changedəyişməkI want to change my hairstyle for the new year.
689. onlyyalnızI only eat vegetarian food.
690. heronunHer favorite color is blue.
691. almosttəxminənI am almost done with my homework.
692. freesərbəstThe concert was free and open to the public.
693. walkgəzməkI like to take a walk after dinner to help digest my food.
694. suchbu cürSuch a beautiful sunset!
695. reasonsəbəbWhat's the reason for your absence from work today?
696. wifearvadMy wife is my best friend and soulmate.
697. ito (cansızlar üçün)It is raining outside.
698. aftersonraAfter dinner, let's watch a movie.
699. roomotaqThe hotel room was clean and spacious.
700. actuallyəslindəHe is actually a very talented singer.
701. eatyeməkI eat breakfast every day.
702. raceirqiThe race ended in a photo finish.
703. choiceseçimThe choice is yours to make.
704. concernqayğıI have a concern about your safety.
705. adultyetkinBeing an adult comes with its own set of responsibilities.
706. hitvurduThe baseball player hit a home run.
707. lessazI want to eat less junk food to be healthier.
708. gunsilahGuns can be dangerous in the wrong hands.
709. officerməmurThe police officer helped us find our way back to the hotel.
710. eastşərqThe sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
711. fireatəşThe fire brigade is on its way to extinguish the fire.
712. memoryyaddaşMy memory is not as good as it used to be.
713. lovesevgiI love spending time with my family and friends.
714. representtəqdim etməkThe blue circle represents the Earth.
715. headbaşMy head hurts after a long day at work.
716. basebazaThe base of the statue is made of marble.
717. ratherəksinəI would rather stay home and relax than go out.
718. seadənizThe sea was calm and serene under the setting sun.
719. supportdəstəkI need your support to finish this project.
720. tenonThere are ten fingers on my hands.
721. evidencedəlilThere is evidence to support both sides of the argument.
722. entergirməkYou need to enter your password to log in.
723. noteQeydI wrote a note to remind myself of the meeting.
724. shakesilkələməkShake the bottle before opening it to mix the contents.
725. authormüəllifThe author of this book is a famous writer.
726. outsidekənardaLet's go outside and get some fresh air.
727. interviewreportajThe job interview went well, and I got the position.
728. pictureşəkilThe picture hanging on the wall was painted by my grandma.
729. nameadıWhat's your name again?
730. sincebəriSince I started exercising regularly, I feel much better.
731. answercavabI don't know the answer to that question.
732. stagemərhələThe stage was set for a magnificent performance.
733. approachyanaşmaThe approach to the problem was innovative.
734. employeeişçiThe employee of the month received a bonus.
735. arrivegəlməkThey're expected to arrive in an hour.
736. designdizaynShe studied design in college and now works as a graphic designer.
737. balltopWe played ball in the park.
738. tonightbu axşamI'm staying in tonight to watch a movie.
739. flyuçmaqFly high in the sky like a bird.
740. structurequruluşuThe structure of the building was made of steel and concrete.
741. stuffəşyalarI have a lot of stuff to do today.
742. reduceazaltmaqEating healthy can help reduce the risk of disease.
743. strategystrategiyaA good strategy is essential for success.
744. finalfinalThis is the final warning before we take action.
745. scienceElmScience is the study of the natural world.
746. entirebütövThe entire building was destroyed in the fire.
747. publicictimaiPublic opinion is divided on this issue.
748. enjoyzövq alınI always enjoy spending time with my family.
749. recordqeydRecord the meeting so we can refer to it later.
750. unitbölməThe unit of measurement used was meters.
751. theorynəzəriyyəThe theory behind this concept is complex.
752. naturaltəbiiIt's natural to feel nervous before a job interview.
753. manageidarə etməkManage your time effectively to complete tasks efficiently.
754. projectlayihəThe project is behind schedule and we need to catch up.
755. ruleqaydaThe rule is to always wear a seatbelt in the car.
756. campaignkampaniyaThe politician is starting a campaign for the upcoming election.
757. recognizetanımaqIt's important to recognize and appreciate others' efforts.
758. typenövüWhat type of car do you drive?
759. stationstansiyasıThe train station was packed with people.
760. thandaha çoxHe is taller than his brother.
761. losszərərThe loss of a loved one can be devastating.
762. aboveyuxarıdaThe plane was flying above the clouds.
763. abilityqabiliyyətHis ability to solve complex problems is impressive.
764. careerkaryeraShe is considering a career change.
765. maintainqorumaqIt's important to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
766. boxQutuI found an old box of my childhood toys in the attic.
767. seasonmövsümI love the autumn season with all its colors.
768. springyazThe flowers bloom in the spring.
769. newsxəbərlərI heard the news about the election on TV.
770. lookbaxmaqLook before you leap.
771. standardstandartThis is the standard procedure for handling such cases.
772. messagemesajI left a message for you on your phone.
773. expertmütəxəssisShe is an expert in her field and is highly respected.
774. weightçəkiThe weight of the bag was too heavy to carry for long.
775. bestən yaxşısıThe best way to learn is by practicing regularly.
776. ordersifarişPlease place your order at the counter.
777. taxvergiI need to file my tax returns before the deadline.
778. trainingtəlimHe's been undergoing training for months.
779. currentcariThe current situation is challenging but we will overcome it.
780. defensemüdafiəThe country needs a strong defense system to protect its citizens.
781. secondikinciI will be ready in a second.
782. skillbacarıqSpeaking a foreign language is a valuable skill.
783. couplecütlükThe couple walked hand in hand along the beach.
784. talkdanışmaqLet's talk about your goals for the future.
785. containehtiva edirThe medicine should not contain any harmful chemicals.
786. financialmaliyyəFinancial stability is important for long-term success.
787. popularməşhurTaylor Swift is a popular singer.
788. teachöyrətməkMy aunt loves to teach children how to read.
789. administrationidarəetməThe administration is responsible for managing the school.
790. tradeticarətThe trade agreement between the two countries was signed yesterday.
791. clearlyaydın şəkildəClearly, there was a misunderstanding between us.
792. cupkubokI need a cup of coffee to start my day.
793. dreamyuxuShe had a dream of becoming a famous singer one day.
794. patientxəstəThe patient needs to take their medication regularly.
795. simplesadəKeeping things simple can often be more effective.
796. floormərtəbəThe dance floor was crowded with people.
797. authoritysəlahiyyətThe authority figures were not pleased with the protest.
798. controlnəzarətWe need to control our emotions in difficult situations.
799. discoverkəşf etməkDiscover new places and things to broaden your horizons.
800. windowpəncərəI'm looking out the window at the beautiful view.
801. soontezlikləI will see you soon.
802. populationəhaliThe population of the city has grown in the last decade.
803. religiousdindarShe is very religious and attends church every Sunday.
804. daughterqızıMy daughter loves to play soccer.
805. riskriskThere is a risk of flooding in the low-lying areas.
806. technologytexnologiyaTechnology is advancing at an incredible rate.
807. formformaPlease fill out this form with your information.
808. coverörtməkThe umbrella will cover you from the rain.
809. whosekiminWhose car is parked in the driveway?
810. pastkeçmişThe past is gone, we need to focus on the present and the future.
811. agencyagentlikThe agency is responsible for handling the case.
812. avoidçəkininAvoid eating too much sugar.
813. applymüraciət edinApply the cream on the affected area to soothe the skin.
814. summeryayMy favorite season is summer because I love the warm weather.
815. computerkompüterI'm using my computer to answer your question.
816. factoramilWeather is a factor in many outdoor activities.
817. hundredyüzThe store has a hundred items on sale.
818. thousandminThere were over a thousand people at the concert.
819. necessaryzəruriIt is necessary to study hard for the exam.
820. modelmodelThe model looked stunning in her new dress.
821. managementidarəetməThe management team is meeting tomorrow.
822. workerişçiThe worker was busy fixing the broken machine.
823. setdəstiLet's set a date for our next meeting.
824. performifa etməkThe singer performed a breathtaking song at the concert.
825. planplanIt's important to plan ahead for the future.
826. helpköməkCan you help me carry these boxes?
827. acthərəkət etməkIt's important to act on your goals and dreams.
828. RepublicanRespublikaçıThe Republican party is in power.
829. imageşəkilThe image on the screen was crystal clear.
830. supportdəstəkI need your support in this matter.
831. plantbitkiI need to water my plant before it dies.
832. playoynamaqPlay the guitar to create beautiful melodies.
833. oktamamIt's okay to make mistakes sometimes.
834. institutionqurumThe institution was founded to provide education to all.
835. peacebarışI wish for world peace.
836. produceistehsal edirShe will produce a new album next year.
837. openaçıqThe store will open in 30 minutes.
838. seriousciddiThe doctor said it's a serious medical condition.
839. agreerazılaşmaqI completely agree with your point of view.
840. faceüzHer face lit up when she saw her family.
841. listendinləməkPlease listen to what I have to say.
842. songmahnıThe song was stuck in my head all day.
843. actionfəaliyyətTaking action is the first step towards achieving your goals.
844. beautifulgözəlThe sunset was a beautiful sight to behold.
845. filldoldurmaqI need to fill out this form before submitting it.
846. everyonehər kəsEveryone is invited to the party tonight.
847. conditionşərtdirHis condition has improved since he started treatment.
848. attackhücumThe attack was unexpected and sudden.
849. claimiddiaHe made a claim for damages after the accident.
850. barbarWe met at a bar for a drink after work.
851. subjectmövzuThe subject of the meeting is the new project proposal.
852. eightsəkkizThe store closes at eight o'clock.
853. hardçətinLearning a new language can be hard.
854. nearlytəxminənWe're nearly at our destination.
855. securitytəhlükəsizlikThe security measures in this building are top-notch.
856. singletəkShe is a single mother raising two kids on her own.
857. managermenecerThe manager is in a meeting right now.
858. seatoturacaqI reserved a seat on the train to New York.
859. catchtutmaqDid you catch the ball?
860. networkşəbəkəHe has a large network of contacts in the industry.
861. beforeəvvəlWe should arrive at the airport before 6 pm.
862. provesübut etCan you prove that your theory is correct?
863. materialmaterialWe need more material to finish this project.
864. closeyaxınPlease close the door when you leave.
865. individualfərdiEach individual has their own unique personality and characteristics.
866. troubledərdHe was in trouble for breaking the law.
867. thirdüçüncüThe third item on the list is missing.
868. politicssiyasətPolitics is a controversial topic that sparks debates.
869. attentiondiqqətPlease pay attention to what I'm saying.
870. bankbankI need to visit the bank to deposit my paycheck.
871. playerpleyerThe soccer player scored the winning goal in the championship.
872. decadeonillikThe last decade has seen many technological advancements.
873. lieyalanLying is not a good practice.
874. difficultçətinLearning a new language can be difficult.
875. diseasexəstəlikdirThe disease is spreading rapidly.
876. knowbilməkI don't know the answer to that question.
877. helpköməkCan you help me move this heavy box?
878. politicalsiyasiPolitical unrest can be stressful for citizens.
879. armqoluShe had a cast on her arm after breaking it in a skiing accident.
880. alwayshəmişəI always wake up early on weekends.
881. manyçoxuThere are many different types of flowers.
882. lookbaxmaqLook at the beautiful sunset!
883. itsonunThe tree lost all its leaves in the fall.
884. loseitirməkSometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
885. noyoxNo, I don't want to eat sushi.
886. newyeniI got a new haircut yesterday.
887. greatəlaShe did a great job on her presentation.
888. againyenidənI am going to try the recipe again tomorrow.
889. somethingbir şeySomething smells delicious in the kitchen.
890. sobelə kiShe was so tired that she fell asleep during the movie.
891. largeböyükThe elephant is a large animal with a long trunk.
892. differentfərqliWe have different opinions on this matter.
893. lessazThe decision to close the factory was a difficult one.
894. remainqalmaqThe remains of the ancient civilization can still be seen today.
895. policepolisThe police officer responded quickly and saved the victim's life.
896. thensonraI will go to the gym and then to work.
897. wantistəməkI want to go to the beach this weekend.
898. carmaşınMy car needs an oil change.
899. learnöyrənməkWe learn German at school.
900. viewgörünüşüShe has a different view on the matter, but we respect her opinion.
901. womanqadınThe woman at the front desk was very helpful.
902. useistifadə etməkUse a pen to write your name.
903. youSənWould you like to go for a walk with me?
904. severalbir neçəI have several books that I need to read for school.
905. numbernömrəA large number of people attended the concert.
906. pullçəkməkHe pulled the door open and walked inside.
907. othersdigərləriIt is important to consider others' feelings.
908. effortsəyShe put a lot of effort into planning the event.
909. expectgözləməkYou can't expect to win every time.
910. likekimiI like to go for a walk in the park.
911. everyhərEvery day I go for a walk in the park.
912. moneypulI need to save money for my trip to Europe.
913. dieölməkIt's a sad day when someone we know dies.
914. presidentprezidentThe President of the United States lives in the White House.
915. beforeəvvəlPlease finish your work before you go home.
916. officeofisI'm heading to the office to get some work done.
917. parthissəsiBeing a part of the school drama club is so much fun.
918. stayqalmaqI think I'll stay in tonight and relax.
919. sameeyniWe have the same taste in music.
920. longuzunThe trousers were too long for me.
921. withoutolmadanI can't imagine life without my family and friends.
922. withindaxilindəThe solution to the problem lies within ourselves.
923. nightgecəI prefer to work at night when it's quiet.
924. eyegözI have an eye appointment next week.
925. doorqapıPlease close the door when you leave the room.
926. outçöldəI like to go out and explore new places.
927. foodyeməkI love trying different types of food from around the world.
928. usbiziThe ushers showed us to our seats.
929. suchbu cürShe is such a kind and generous person.
930. fivebeşI bought five apples at the grocery store.
931. seegörməkI can see the mountains from my window.
932. suggesttəklifCan you suggest a good book for me to read?
933. awayuzaqdaThe beach is far away from here.
934. alsohəmçininShe is also going to the concert.
935. teamkomandaOur school has a basketball team that practices every day.
936. highyüksəkdirHigh up in the sky, I saw a flock of birds.
937. lotçoxI have a lot of work to do today.
938. wholebütövThe whole world is watching the game tonight.
939. wondergörəsənI wonder what will happen next.
940. successuğurSuccess can be achieved with hard work and dedication.
941. uponüzərindəUpon arrival, please check in at the front desk.
942. ratherəksinəRather than complain, let's find a solution.
943. PMPMThe PM made an announcement regarding the new policy.
944. legayaqThe injury to his leg was severe.
945. meetinggörüşLet's schedule a meeting to discuss the agenda.
946. layyatmaqShe decided to lay down and rest for a while.
947. qualitykeyfiyyətThe quality of the product is not up to the mark.
948. eventhadisəThe concert is a big event that we've been looking forward to.
949. treeağacThe tree in my backyard is huge.
950. staffheyətThe staff at the hotel were very helpful.
951. degreedərəcəsiShe received her degree last year.
952. commonümumiIt's common for people to feel anxious before a big exam.
953. centuryəsrThe 21st century has seen incredible advancements.
954. despiterəğmənDespite the rain, we had a great time.
955. soundsəsI could hear the sound of waves crashing against the shore.
956. languagedilLearning a new language takes time.
957. sharepaylaşmaqLet's share the pizza and salad for lunch.
958. styletərziFashion style varies from person to person.
959. trialsınaqHe was put on trial for his alleged crimes.
960. chargeşarj edinHow much do you charge for your services?
961. sitesaytThis is the perfect site for our new business.
962. pastkeçmişThe past cannot be changed, but we can learn from it.
963. statementifadəsiThe statement made by the CEO was controversial.
964. pickseçinCan you pick up some milk on your way home?
965. walldivarThe wall in the living room needs a fresh coat of paint.
966. statedövlətThe state of the economy is a concern for many people.
967. fundFondWe need to create a fund to support the project.
968. stepaddımThe first step is always the hardest.
969. landtorpaqHe owns a lot of land in the countryside.
970. societycəmiyyətSociety has come a long way in terms of equality.
971. focusdiqqətLet's focus on the task at hand.
972. eveningaxşamThe evening sky was painted with shades of orange and pink.
973. rangemenzilThe range of products offered was impressive.
974. activityfəaliyyətGoing for a run is a great physical activity.
975. practicetəcrübəYou should have enough practice for this task.
976. dogköpəkMy dog loves to play fetch with me.
977. bluemaviThe sky was a beautiful shade of blue.
978. revealaşkar etməkThe study will reveal new insights.
979. colorrəngiMy favorite color is purple.
980. measureölçüMeasure the length of the room to determine the size of the carpet needed.
981. pushitələməkShe had to push the heavy cart up the hill.
982. edgekənarThe edge of the cliff offered a stunning view of the valley.
983. needehtiyacI need to buy some food, I'm in need of groceries.
984. phonetelefonDon't forget to charge your phone overnight.
985. filmfilmI love watching a good film.
986. saveyadda saxlaShe managed to save enough money for a trip.
987. sourcemənbəWhat is the source of that information?
988. chooseseçməkYou must choose one option.
989. identifymüəyyənləşdirinCan you help me identify this plant species?
990. sectionbölməThe book is divided into several sections.
991. painağrıPain is an unpleasant physical sensation.
992. DemocratDemokratThe Democrat party won the election.
993. simplysadəcəCan you explain that simply, please?
994. certainmüəyyənI am certain that I locked the door before leaving.
995. seriesseriyasıThe TV series was very popular.
996. shootvurmaqThe hunter was ready to shoot his arrow.
997. arguemübahisəSome people like to argue for the sake of arguing.
998. designdizaynThe design of the new building is stunning.
999. involveəhatə etməkI want to involve everyone in this project for better results.

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