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06 Nov, 2022


06 Nov, 2022


06 Nov, 2022



  • 06 Nov, 2022
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  • bicycle - avtobus; She was already at the bus station.
  • catch a bus - avtobusa çatmaq; They were running to catch a bus.
  • coach - şəhərlərarası avtobus; We met on a coach tour in Ismayilli.
  • commute - işə gedib-gəlmək; It's tiring commuting from Buzovna to the city centre every day.
  • cycle - velosiped sürmək; It is almost impossible to cycle in Baku.
  • fare - yolpulu; The bus fare is 30 gapiks.
  • ferry - bərə (çox zaman insanları daşımaq üçün olan gəmi); He went over the river by ferry.
  • get in a taxi/car/lorry… - minmək; I got in the car and drove off.
  • get out of a taxi/car/lorry… - düşmək; I got out of the lorry to inspect the damage.
  • get on a plane/ship/bus/bicycle… - minmək; Every time I get on a plane, I shiver with fear.
  • get off a plane/ship/bus/bicycle… - düşmək; I forgot to take my bag with me when I got off the bus.
  • genre - janr; The only genre that we studied at secondary school was classical music.
  • go by - ilə getmək; We chose to go by underground because of the traffic.
  • helicopter - helikopter, vertolyot; The president arrived in California in a helicopter yesterday.
  • hot air balloon - hava şarı; Cappadocia in central Turkey is perhaps most well-known for hot air balloons.
  • lorry/truck - yük maşını; Look out! There's a lorry coming!
  • miss - ötürmək; You'll miss your flight if you don't hurry up.
  • motorbike - motoskliet; She jumped on her motorbike and raced off down the road.
  • mountain bike - dağ velosipedi; He races at high speed over the hills on a mountain bike.
  • on foot - ayaq üstə; We decided to go on foot.
  • public transport - ictimai nəqliyyat; Public transport is a big problem in these areas.
  • return ticket - gediş-gəliş bileti; Do you want a single or a return ticket?
  • ride bicycle/horse/moped… - sürmək; I learned to ride a bike when I was six.
  • scooter - skuter; Her favourite toy is a little red scooter.
  • train - qatar; The train was so crowded.
  • tram - tramvay; The government is considering installing a tram or trolleybus system.
  • type of transport - nəqliyyat növü; Which type of transport do you like a lot?
  • underground - albomda olan bir musiqi; The album has ten tracks.
  • van - furqon; They turned their van into a home.
  • vehicle - minik maşını;People would benefit greatly from a pollution-free vehicle.
  • yacht - yaxta; Owning the yacht has given them status.

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